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Jessica Jones #1

I’m not one of those people who hates Michael Brian Bendis. I think he can be a bit hit or miss at times, but I don’t hate the guy or think his work stinks. I’m also not a person that worships his work. I do really enjoy some of it. Alias was one of the works that I really enjoyed.
Jessica Jones is obviously much more popular after her hit Netflix series (seriously, if you haven’t seen it, go watch it now!) Which I would imagine is part of the reason we are getting this new series.

It is great to have the original creative team back on this book. Michael Gaydos’ art feels familiar like a good friend. Having David Mack back to do the covers is a wonderful treat as well. I loved the cover artwork from Alias, so when I saw this issue on the comic shop wall, I instantly gravitated towards it.

Like Alias, which was on Marvel’s Max imprint, this comic is a little more gritty and as the cover says this is “Not for Kids.”

(Spoilers ahead)

Since it is the original creative team, it almost feels like this story is just another chapter to Alias.
Jessica has just been released from prison, and she has no idea why she is being released, but she heads back home. She has a few messages on her phone, one asking from her friend Carol Danvers (you may know her as Captain Marvel) asking “where’s the baby.” This becomes a theme throughout the issue. Fortunately, for Jessica, there is a message for her about a case. She meets with a woman whose husband woke up 8 months ago, and did not recognize her as his wife. Jessica assumes that her husband is just crazy, but the woman insist that she take the case. Well, we all know what happened 8 months ago in Marvel Comics. It was the end of Secret Wars. Remember that?

If you want a beat-em-up comic book, that isn’t what this is. Jessica Jones and a lot of Bendis books are very dialogue heavy. You get a lot of the very characteristic Jessica Jones snark in this issue, which is something Bendis does very well, especially with characters he created.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing what else we get from this series. It is one that will absolutely be added to my pull list!

With that being said, Jessica Jones #1 gets 8 out of 10 jalapeño